#NaPoWriMo – Day 4: Melatonin




I see nothing through the blackness and then voices filter through crimson mists


blue lights turn on one by one


I am in a cabin and my Grandfather is chasing a bear out the door

He does this repeatedly, no one can see him except for me

The others keep letting the beast back in and suddenly


It’s snowing and I am outside
I can see the green of the shutters,
the treeline I swear I was familiar with at one time

There is groaning and gurgling
There are blood blisters forming on my icy wrists


The bear is pouncing on me, mauling me


Snow is silent
Like my screaming




Later I am piecing together
cut scenes


Strangers ask me the most difficult questions


I see myself on every surface
I panic because I don’t think
I’m supposed to be


seeing myself,
here, like this


The brick wall is lined with other sleepwalkers
We are at a train station
I have no idea where we’re going


They are not mirrors


They’ve only stared into them for too long


like I did


when I had to prove to myself that I was real





psychedelia is not too fun when you are unprepared to wake back up




This is my old street


I can tell by how the pavement feels beneath me


Carnations cloud and clutter my vision


I am still picking petals from my eyes


I think it has been four days since I slept and I am not afraid


I have been to worse places


The bear waits for me on the corner,


I keep walking


it’s growing


further and further away





Vivid mimicry


a flashback


a bad dream


a demented memory




My Grandfather has been dead for years                 He could not

protect me
The bear is in a world I won’t enter by my own free will anymore


it still has parts of me



I see fog


I smell sunlight


I think I have awakened now


I think I might be awake now


I think I can get some sleep now


© Jennifer Patino (2018)


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