#NaPoWriMo – Day 6: He talked to me through the radio



These programs with accents, breathy static,
just like his when he had to talk to me from the kitchen,
voice low & secretive

We were only talking football, still he’d tell me
they were always listening, always watching

There was no need for specifics, ever
Too many details would spoil the plan,
his philosophy

I kept it short
“Yer short”
The most obvious was the least insulting
He wouldn’t hurt a flea
let alone

Now I’m hearing this guy
who sounds just like him
& I curse his disconnected phone

I’d say,

You really did it, didn’t you?
Went off grid to live our dream
of mystical experiences, universal oneness,
& really making a difference in a dying world,

didn’t you? I imagined you were this artist
on a radio program talking about a love
of shadows & subjects in motion

I thought it couldn’t be you because you lived
for the stillness, for the breath of contentment
when there was no noise but the wind

I think you must have run away with it,
landed somewhere, that you live in a tree now
& you just might be looking down on me


© Jennifer Patino (2018)




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