#NaPoWriMo – Day 8: “Mea Culpa”




Mea Culpa // by Jennifer Patino


I lack candor to explain
the warm ocean within me

whose waves bear your name
and whose tides pull me under

I will keep the pull of the
churning water in me to myself

I perform questionable rituals
and await the always apricot sky

that arrives before your storm,
my blurred vision capturing a

hasty confession written with a burred tongue;
Guilt makes me a brambly forest

I have scratches on my face
from scrubbing with frankincense,

finishing with myrrh;
They say only demons can vanish,

then who are you and where
have you gone to? For no whisper

of your moonlit presence can be
detected, the window holds stale breath

I beat thunder into my chest
out of grief, but I have lost nothing

You never existed, the low tide
washed you away; My skin is silt,

my soul is saved; Forgiveness
is baptismal, penitence is withstanding
the lightning crash





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