#NaPoWriMo – Day 10: We Are Unheard



Uncomfortable silence
crowds a room

We practice savoring it

We fight our own
urges to cancel out
such a sacred sound

Yes, we can hear quiet

To some, it is the source
of a thousand screams

For others, it is all
they know

Exhales show emotion

Pull apart a breath
and you’ll find a reason
for its existence

Inhales are essence

Heavy air can birth
new reasons to stay alive

Trust is standing
to needlepoint
and not blinking

No words are needed

We speak in shudders
as audio waves appear
on our skin

We listen

The moment passes
and our peace shatters

There is a return
to jarring
white noise
that overtakes us

We become background music
to blend in and we
go unnoticed
by the roaring crowds

We are synchronistic hums
who duck under light fixtures
as dissonance
drones on and on

We are waiting
within the hush
for the next break
in the rush


© Jennifer Patino (2018)


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