#NaPoWriMo – Day 11: See & Respond



Through tears
& a numbed heart
from being broken
with every scrolling motion,

I am saying goodbye

When I send a digital message,
I may as well be sending my ghost

Who remembers what my voice
sounds like? Who remembers
my arms waving around
while speaking?

Who remembers
all the breakdowns,
the seizures,
the good times?

Please tell me
you remember the good times
as vividly as I do

Please tell me you can smell
clove smoke in the air,
that you can hear bottles tinkling

please tell me you remember
the sound of my laughter?

I have been in a disconnected desert
for years, crying out

I don’t even know who I want to hear
me anymore

I don’t know what is so important
about my online presence for she is not real

She is a mere inkling

I am a mere inkling

I want nothing more than your love
I want nothing more than to love you
I want to swim in your words,
your deep thoughts

I want to know how you feel about
the lavender sunset tonight,
the sound of the rain I miss too often,
& if you backspace repeatedly as I do
because these typed words
just aren’t enough

I can remember the last time I felt
& it was agony,
but shutting off
destroys my soul

Talk to me
with your voice,

Listen to me
with your ears,

Or remember me some day
& not know where to find me


© Jennifer Patino (2018)


7 thoughts on “#NaPoWriMo – Day 11: See & Respond

Add yours

  1. The great thing about having my little glowing box is that I can savour your words at strange times of the day when a kid wakes me and my brain has been set whirring. As substitutes go, that’s pretty kool…but yes I don’t like having to imagine so hard when I talk to you. (Even if it should be introvert bliss this style of communication) Loving this poem through the feels X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes. Being able to communicate with people I miss terribly, & those I’ve never met in person through any medium will have to do. I do lament not having face to face interaction very often. In a couple of weeks I will be having a friend visit so that will greatly remedy my lonely feelings. 😊 As always, thank you for reading. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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