#NaPoWriMo – Day 15: When It’s All No Longer Recognizable



I’d miss love poetry,
the powwow singers
making their voices
sound like echoes
reaching out
to the beginning
of every beginning

The love poetry
of arms around me
when I got separated
from my family
& almost ended up
on a ferry to Canada,
but I was steered back home

All the young love poetry
I treated like
an intangible topic,
refusing to write about it,
even though I felt it
in every favorite childhood memory
that boy on the pier shared with me

The kind of love poetry that comes from
a sparkle in a father’s eyes
when he’s looking at his daughter
for the first time;         I’m
now a woman, & he’s missed
so much, but neither of us notices

The romantic love poetry in
every wedding anniversary,
every good night kiss,
every rainfall on a hot day,
everything I was courageous enough to say
before it was too late,

That love poetry,
that’s what I’d miss the most


© Jennifer Patino (2018)



Yay! Half way there! How is everyone doing? I feel like some days I’m losing steam, but if I just sit & think for a bit with a pen in my hand, something will eventually come for me. Or I’ll be reading an old piece & be inspired to make it better. 15 more poems to go for NaPoWriMo this year! 

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