#NaPoWriMo – Day 21: “All Is Good”




All Is Good // by Jennifer Patino


When strangers become friends
through conversations that seem to have no end,
& broken hearts begin to mend,
all is good

When spontaneity seizes the day
to show stagnancy another way,
& brilliant blue outshines the grey,
all is good

When tears turn to laughter ringing
through a house filled with happy singing,
& its occupants are waltzing & swinging,
all is good

When waking up is refreshing after a blissful sleep,
& limbs are free & nimble enough to swim through the deep,
& there are no immediate reasons left to weep,
all is good

Yes, all is good
as you knew it would
be once the clouds disappeared
& after being patient for awhile

So now you should
bask in all this good
while it’s right here
& enjoy it with a smile






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