#NaPoWriMo – Day 26: “A Dark Day”




A Dark Day // by Jennifer Patino


The darkness of the day
runs rampant

It feels like sanity
is slipping away with the light


Here I am, once again,
self-medicating with nostalgia,

thinking about that dank porch
where we slung soliloquies for sale


I reach out to underwater arms,
but I find nothing, only

a blank page staring me in the face,
& I’m always stretching for something


The truth, the glass figures I
drop onto dirt glossed floors

because the sunbursts in my fingers
won’t let me grip anymore        Fleeting


These moments come & go & I’m pretty steady
with my patience                 Waiting it out

I’m always waiting for something, waiting
on something, weighing pros, cons,

& waiting, waiting for someone
who can teach me how to swim through acid


I’m counting all the ways I can milk time
for all it thinks I’m worth

Time & I don’t acknowledge each other directly
anymore, we question each others’ existence

I have my erratic heartbeat, &
Time keeps up its pressuring cadence


When the summer night symphony cues up,
I know it’s you from afar, alive & reminding me

The chairs in our separate corners may be empty now,
but we’ll see each other in them once we’re tired enough


I close the curtains on the invading dawn
It’s cooler in the shade, easier to come down

from a flashback of your face       You flicker still,
a loose flame        I snuff out all traces        I sleep during the day





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