A Whole Other World Exists Just 20 Minutes Away (The Las Vegas Strip Trip Prologue)

Greetings from post-vacation land! My friend flew home yesterday afternoon, & now I’m trying to piece my mush brain together & rest my body. I had such a fantastic time. Sure, I live in Las Vegas, but I have only ever gone to the Strip once when I was 21 (& that was before I even lived here. I vowed to never live here…whoops. 😀 ) Anyways, I will formulate some posts highlighting all of the fun of my trip (20 minutes to the East!) once my head is back on straight. It’s hot here again. It reached 102 today. So, I’m slowed down due to that as well. Of course after not writing for a whole week, I wrote a whole bunch tonight! Full poems, poem notes, trip notes…I’ve been busy jotting it all down before it goes away.

Here’s a few preview photos & a little something I penned after one of our nights out casino hopping. I am happy to say I survived, & only relied on my wheelchair the last leg of the trip. It probably wasn’t the best idea to walk all over for two nights, but it was worth it, even if I did pay for it severely both nights when I got back home. Still, it was worth it, & I’m fine, honestly. I feel no worse than I usually do now that the bad moments are over. I’ll elaborate more on everything but I just wanted to pop in & share a little bit for now. Enjoy!


7:02 // by Jennifer Patino

After a certain hour, the tourists emulate the drunk poets.

No one knows this but me. They bob about in metaphors
for deteriorated hamstrings that cause the swagger of inebriation
that is the signature brand of Las Vegas Boulevard.

Scars of soldiers, their war stories, their distant gazes, their
rusty smell of courage and cheap beer.

Everybody’s swimming in this sea of lonely, broken harmony, and
off key, everybody’s singing of childhood memories, of sweet,
sweet love, and of the cruel sting that comes with leaving.


Stay tuned because I will definitely give a more detailed recap hopefully within the next few days. I hope you’re all well! I’m settling into my summer swell after kicking it off with a bang. ❤



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