Poetry – “For A Living”





For A Living // by Jennifer Patino


What do you do for a living?

Just that.

Okay, what do you for money?

Some might say,

I am paid to be sick,

& it’s a good thing

these programs exist

but I don’t feel entitled,

nor pleased,

just grateful

for the slight ease

in suffering

that a small, monthly sum brings


Yes, one can easily

become addicted

to the rush of

living frivolously,

but money won’t feed me,

won’t cure me,

won’t sustain me,

or reassure me


It only fuels temporary escapes

from just that, living,

underneath all these layers of pain



4 thoughts on “Poetry – “For A Living”

    1. The poem is a response more or less. It’s always been extremely difficult for me to understand why there is so much concern with how much one makes, & why some feel worth is determined by how much they have. Gratitude for everything, ‘great’ or ‘small’ is what I choose to focus on. The price of happiness is different for all. Thank you so much for reading. 😊


      1. There are certain things, we can observe, that drive people. Many such things are negative and destructive. I’ll touch on the main ones: innate violence is at the top of my list. There’s hubris and avarice which I think is even worse than greed. While the Earthian creature is wildly emotional, much of that translates as selfishness which means the inability to feel what another is feeling. The creature, by and large, is incapable of true empathy or compassion. Thus it can destroy and kill for its own selfish ends and always find ways to justify such. I’ve read, and it is my understanding, that Earthians are quite low on the spiritual/mental evolutionary scale. My “Teachers” refer to Earthians as pseudo-humans and I agree with their assessment. The need to possess “stuff” is the child bully wanting all the toys. The propaganda of consumerism is killing the creature’s spiritual quest. As a result, greed increases exponentially along with its numbers and the final victim will be the planet. There is upward movement from this pathos of earth people but it is slow and too few “get it”. It won’t spell the end of the species but the remnant will be small and the in-between times, which we have set in motion and are inescapable, will be hell on earth. Meanwhile those of us who have chosen the path of compassion will continue in the midst of the turmoil and do whatever good we may do thereby finding our joy and inner peace.

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