2 Poems – “Over” & “Annabeth Gish”





steaming cauliflower gnocchi
I tell you I often dream of dying

lava red sauce bubbles, bursts
like the brink of my tears

when you aren’t home
& I whine in every room of the house

where I lay, confined
by post traumatic tendencies

you smile, & tell me that happiness
is a surprise tray of Italian delicacies

with my name on it, & that if I were
dead, all this would go to waste

you’re gesturing at the food, at yourself,
& I understand, I picture you

eating alone & feel sadder,
so I take your hands & kiss them,

I thank you for my sustenance
& my very reason for breath




Annabeth Gish

& her too cute baby fat,
Lili Taylor’s dangling too-big earrings,
& Julia Roberts’ hair falling flat

make me think of extra toppings,
& layers, & pre-close mopping
at the food court where last minute
medium town folk continue their shopping

Of brunette friends, sisterhood, & loss,
of innocence, & my creepy boss,
& of bloodstains mistaken for pizza sauce

Even the old classic movies
seem filmed for me,
stirring up my metaphysical memories


(Inspired by ‘Mystic Pizza’)


โ€“ Jennifer Patino


Two poems inspired by food & movies. I felt the need to use the word ‘sauce’ a lot in my writings this day, apparently. It showed up in a few other drafts as well. ๐Ÿ™‚




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