Poetry – “There Are Still”





There Are Still // by Jennifer Patino


six more days here and roiling stomachs
already match the sea           making love
to the rhythm of siren song and we are
bound for rocky ground the same as

the sailors in alleyways who prowl for
fish women with golden gills and eyes
the color of the horizon at summer sun-
set                                       eyes that signal

luminous lighthouses guiding loneliness
home        we have nothing good waiting
for us        only our deep ocean secrets to
be buried while they are still heavy enough

to hold a flopping, fighting creature down
only for the worst of us to resurface after
so long               there are still underwater
plots left so pick your corner and play the

maritime tunes that will undoubtedly tune
out any mermaid melodies that should es-
cape                               there are still heroes
somewhere, busy slashing out the last days



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