#FlashbackFriday – Poetry – “Wrapped in Paleness: A Conversation”





Wrapped in Paleness: A Conversation // by Jennifer Patino


I sit


with the trees and

the night frogs

for they truly

answer back.


I think

of the good

times mixed with

bad and how acceptance

has taught me that

both are what

life is.


I imagine

you and I

on clouds

floating through

stormy weather

and overcoming

every time.


I see how the

moon wraps the

sky in a color

only close to that

of paleness,

but I feel

only brightness

like your smile

in the summer

when the breeze

warms, but in

a good way.


I wish

you were here

to share this

moment of pure


and being,

but, you can guarantee,

I’ll dream

of you tonight

as my eyes close

in restful peace.


July 4, 2008



9 thoughts on “#FlashbackFriday – Poetry – “Wrapped in Paleness: A Conversation”

    1. Aww, tell them hello. 😊 Trying to keep up with all those social media sites did me more harm than good, unfortunately. I’m more limited in what I can do now due to my failing health so I’m focusing on enjoying life best I can. I have more energy now for other things. Thanks as always for visiting! ❀

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