June Update! – “Books & a Birthday”




I had a very interesting May. It took a few days to come down off of my vacation high that first week, but then I settled into a routine of just devouring books. I can’t believe how many I read, on top of reading all the blog posts I read here, & I hardly read at all during my vacation week. Reading, editing, writing, & working on art projects have been consuming the majority of my time. I’ve had some rough days, but I am pretty proud of myself for managing so well last month. I can’t go on enough about how liberated I feel mentally. I was grieving new changes to my health for way too long, & it feels good to have found a balance that’s working out pretty well for me. This month will be full of appointments & then hopefully I can be done with seeing doctors for awhile. Hopefully a long while.

June is my birthday month, & I can’t believe I’m about to turn 35 on the 15th. My husband & I made plans to have dinner & see a movie so I’m looking forward to that. I’m not sure if I “feel 35” or whatever. I often feel much older than that! 😀 I look forward to whatever this age has in store for me. Time really does fly.


Here are the books I read in May:

The Recovering – Intoxication and Its Aftermath // Leslie Jamison
Adjustment Day // Chuck Palahniuk
Young Jane Austen: Becoming a Writer // Lisa Pliscou
Darker Than Night // Brian Bowyer
Mean // Myriam Gurba
Jesus’ Son // Denis Johnson
Torment // Lauren Kate
Stray City // Chelsey Johnson
Jesus and the Goddess // Rev. Dr. Claudia Hall
Song of the Beloved: The Gospel According to Mary Magdalene // Lauri Ann Lumby



I Am More Than My Nightmares // Jennae Cecelia
Words From an Unlikely Poet // Charlie Hasler
Our Own Battles // Ashley Rose
curse this blue raincoat and other poems // Paul Robert Mullen
cottontail games: monsters and lovers // Anne Chivon
ghost exhibit // Melissa Atkinson Mercer



All of the poetry I read last month was phenomenal. I’m a huge fan of Melissa Atkinson Mercer’s poetry (Knock is also a great collection of hers!) & Glass Poetry Press puts out some phenomenal work. The June issue of their monthly journal is now live here. I would also like to mention Issue 25 of The Adroit Journal. It’s filled with amazing work & you can read that here.


20180602_192753Ghost Exhibit by Melissa Atkinson Mercer


The only book I really didn’t care for was Adjustment Day. I just haven’t enjoyed anything by Chuck Palahniuk since Invisible Monsters but for some reason, I still give him a chance. It had its moments of good satire, but not enough to make me call it a good book. Myriam Gurba’s Mean was my favorite read for May. It’s a very difficult book & stirred up a lot for me, but I needed it. She doesn’t hold anything back in her writing, & I appreciate that very much. I find it inspiring. Brian Bowyer’s horror stories are graphic & terrifying in Darker Than Night. Definitely not for the faint of heart. I enjoyed them, but I know that others probably would have trouble sleeping after some of them. I didn’t feel like re-reading Pride & Prejudice so I went with a little book about an imagined Austen childhood recommended by a friend of mine so I could still keep to my personal reading ‘Austen Book Club’ for this year. My husband is currently reading P & P as part of the Great American Read & I’m excited to go through the list & read all the classics that I have yet to as well. I’m happy he’s gotten back into reading, & he’s definitely enjoying it. My first from the list will be The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time & I plan on starting it tonight.

How about those Las Vegas Golden Knights? 😀 I’m a bit disappointed because Game 3 just ended & it went according to my prediction of 3-1 NOT in favor of the Knights. The series is now 2-1 Capitals, but there is still time. My husband bought us some Golden Knights tee shirts (mine is a Fleury one!) & it’s so awesome to me that he’s into hockey now. 😀 We’re connecting on all kinds of levels lately & as always we’re super happy in spite of daily struggles.


20180602_192710More Arting


I hope you all have a very happy June. The temps are climbing so I’ll be hiding in my air conditioned fort more often than not. I’m hoping I can still have a steady flow of creative energy this Summer. It really helped carry me through the Spring. Take care, all! Catch you on the flip side! & as always, thank you so much for reading my posts & for all of your encouraging comments! ❤

Friendly Reminder that Half Mystic Journal Issue V: Cadenza is available for pre-order here. This issue includes a prose piece of mine & I can’t wait for its release on June 11th! 




5 thoughts on “June Update! – “Books & a Birthday”

  1. I’m glad that you had a wonderful month of May. Here’s to a more awesome June, it being your birthday month and more, may it be filled with good feelings and love!

    You got The Flower’s jersey?? So cool! I’m so upset that the Playoff Finals are not aired where I am—I heard the station could not reach an agreement with NHL (though they’d been airing the Playoffs before the Finals). I’m getting updates via the app. Wouldn’t it be amazing for an extension team to win the Cup in their first year of playing in the NHL? (I’m a Pens fan, but there are couple of ex-Pens in Knights, The Flower included, so I’m for the Knights!) ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, that’s so lame! We almost had a blackout here for all Knights games this season for the same reason, but an agreement was reached. I hardly get to see my team, the Red Wings, play because they always focus on the western teams, undetstandably. I’m glad you get updates.

      I love Fleury a lot! I’ll admit, I had to curse his name in the past during the Wings/Pens series years ago, but he’s a terrific goalie & I’ve always admired him for that. 😊

      Thank you for the June well wishes! I hope you have a good month as well. It definitely will be amazing if Vegas wins the Cup. This city has really come together over the team. We’ll see how things go! I didn’t know you were a hockey fan. 😁

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you for the wishes! June will be a start of busy period for me, work-wise. I write snippets here and there to keep me sane.

        I love Fleury, too! I was sad when he was traded to Vegas. Now I think that’s the team to watch. Whoddathunk it—ice hockey in the desert? 😁

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much! I’m glad I’ve kept some connections from my time on Twitter, yours being one of them. I’m a big fan of your words & I am glad we are able to stay connected here. 🙂 Have a happy June!

      Liked by 1 person

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