Poetry – “Less Likely”




Less Likely // by Jennifer Patino


I add more opera music to my playlist
because they say classical music makes me
more likely to access my creativity
and makes me less likely
to die by scrolling

by a mesh of words or a melee of memes.
Wars are being fought in cyberspace and
the year 2024 isn’t so far off. It will be the future

soon. I’ll have a ball somewhere in a mind mansion
with black and white checkered floors
like my prom date had. One of them. One of them

played me like a game of checkers. Child’s play.
This is the past now. This is what the fear of distance
or closeness or whichever comes first does. We are

all time travelers at some point. Starting point. Get
to the point. I had to tell young people about Princess Diana today.
About rigged elections. About a time when not everyone had
the internet. About how to look past the surface of a person

and see their soul. I learned you can’t teach empathy. I lost a little hope.
But I find it again in the tunes of a time I’ve never set foot in. I think sometimes
I can remember times (places) but I’m not sure I was always there.

(we’re not talking about prom anymore)

I am less likely to understand Italian operas. German operas. The Ojibwe language
of my ancestors. I am less likely to understand what makes one person feel
so little and another feel
so much that their resting face is that of near-crying.

I am less likely to listen to the songs of my youth by the time the future gets here,
because things move way too fast for me and the air, heavy with tension, makes me less likely to see and hear things clearly.



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7 thoughts on “Poetry – “Less Likely”

  1. I enjoyed following your song of discovery… quote:” I learned you can’t teach empathy.” Indeed, empathy cannot be taught, it can only be part of a new becoming. An awakening, a sense, if you will. Not being an emotional person I used to wonder if I could ever be an empath. I found the way to it through compassion. Compassion also cannot be taught, but it can be demonstrated.

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