#FlashbackFriday – Poetry – “Prescribed”





Prescribed // by Jennifer Patino


it’s a meat puppet game / they’re playing / with my head / my brain / my feelings / but I must not surrender my soul //

horse pills / followed by the little red pills / don’t forget to take your pills / i won’t / don’t hurt yourself / i won’t / do you feel like hurting yourself? / i won’t answer / any side effects? //

dizziness / nausea / inducing while ingesting / my hands are shaking / i’m not eating / but my clothes aren’t fitting / i’m not trying to say you’re fat but, you’re definitely not skinny anymore / eat more this / don’t eat that / forget what i just said because things have changed now //


take more blood / blow more veins /
does it hurt? / this might hurt / tell me if it hurts //


they mean when


lost / brave / strong, but fading / candle wick burning low / it’s almost dawn / where has sleep gone? / i think this may be a vicious nightmare / a torturous punishment for an old crime / but it’s not / because it’s too real / it’s just too cruel / and too real


August 21, 2010



This writer is a member of The Literati Mafia.



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