Poetry – “And I’ll Be Whispering ‘Yes, yes'”




And I’ll Be Whispering “Yes, yes” // by Jennifer Patino


I’ll never be a famous poet,

but I’ll be clapping in the back row
as beauty takes the stage,

full-frontal soul bearing,
and I’ll be scraping the bottom of
my own withered artichoke,

mustering up a tear
for the trembling spotlight,

and beaming over back covers
like a proud mother


I’ll be a fellow fledgling
to all the broken birds


We’ll craft pieces out of smaller pieces,
and world-build from rock bottom

One day, I’ll be bled dry,
but I’ll still observe it all

from the blurry edge



This writer is a member of The Literati Mafia.



4 thoughts on “Poetry – “And I’ll Be Whispering ‘Yes, yes'”

  1. I love this poem, it’s simply great, and conjures up feelings I have, sometimes.. But it also clearly shows that you are much more than someone belonging to the back row, when it comes to writing.

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