#FlashbackFriday – We Always Wear Pajamas on Saturdays



sunshine specks

catching dust

and reflections,

magnified introspection

of busy bees

in pajamas on a Saturday,

twirling and whirling

around with their brooms


for the morning chores

are never a bore

when pianos twinkle

fleeting notes,

clever anecdotes

about the week’s

piled up junk mail


dishes beg to dance,

the floor mops take a chance,

then the old house settles,

clean and serene,

sparkling tabletops,

walls that shine,

and a scent of love

that is yours and mine


take a break,

relax awhile,

take a deep, fresh breath,

cozy up and smile


© Jennifer Patino (November 14, 2009)



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