Nick Drake makes me think of you
Pink Moon
What became of you?

I had another friend
show up later
and remind me of you

No reincarnation
or relation to you,

just another lover
of One of These Things First

Out of the blue,
I said I liked Tori Amos

I said
you were my Baker, Baker

You said
“I should have been a cook”



How come when I turn the dial
I hear Jesus and Mary Chain?

I’ll admit I’m a little scared
thinking you might be dead
and it’s your ghost playing these songs
because I haven’t seen you
in God knows when

and I think about calling
but I have no one’s number from back then

Just Like Honey

I have a hilarious story about you and honey,
your girlfriend told us about it

And don’t worry,
I only tell people
who don’t know you
and it’s only to keep your memory alive

Are you alive?

Please tell me yes or no
with the next tune

*some random song about sulking that you would never listen to begins to play*

© Jennifer Patino (2017-2018)



** Special Thanks to the artists & their respective lyrics mentioned. **

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