Where am I
when I disappear into a memory that hurts?

I shut it off,
forget too quickly that I was even feeling


The best place
to listen to soundtracks with headphones on is in an airport

Everything slows down,
blends into the mindless, malignant mirage


The best face
I can give you is my attentive one

as you descend
into my own whirling wonderland


You’ll land right
when I’m willing to let some light in, but,

how to let
darkness out when luminosity seems fictional?


What makes this
so prolific that next time I won’t help but think of it?

What makes flight
the most tempting method of escapism of all?


I snap back
when I see you’re delayed

The next track
makes me wish that some same things had stayed


© Jennifer Patino (2018)



4 thoughts on “Abroad

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  1. One of my favorites of yours yet. A series of stunning imagery in ‘whirlwind wonderland’. There really is something about airports… beginnings and endings. Love it!

    Liked by 1 person

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