great romances / or lack there of /
caught in a freak dance / this is awkward //

forbidden closeness / pure proximity /
one hand on my shoulder / nothing
but gymnasium breeze on my
lace draped waist //

dark stuff / trading poesy / secrets /
pinned frights on a cork board /
disturbing imagery / nightmare muses /
collect calls / the fleeting three minute &
forty nine second interval where we
were the only two who existed //

I know floating / our feet were flat
on the squeaky floor / I know /
the ground is all I look at /
but I might / look up and see you /
a shy / colossal giant //

If I’m ever in a 7 Mile sandwich shop /
or if I ever hear / that adolescent symphony /
again / I’ll remember / shrugged shoulders /
muffled apologies / and trembling /
crepe paper hands


© Jennifer Patino (2018)

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