All the Waters (Collaboration w/ Anthony Gorman)

I’m honored to have written this poem with Anthony Gorman. Please check out his blog @ Hands in the GardenThis poem invokes a lot of feelings about the MMIW for me. As an indigenous woman, I am all too familiar with the pains of these families. My family’s story had a reuniting ending, which sadly, can’t be said for all families of the missing.

Anthony is a fantastically talented poet, & a wonderful ally to indigenous people. He raises awareness about many topics & issues that affect indigenous & aboriginal lives, & I am honored to call him a friend.

Also, please feel free to check out the Gordon Downie and Chanie Wenjack Fund, for information and donation.




all the waters.

some rivers have been made

graves for young girls

over borders, still uniting

out of order, under sun


with a life-giving flow.

stirring beneath tight surface

mother’s stretching arteries,

womb hangs stripped from



once pure,

slashes endured

clear & cared for,

no hope, i-out store


now muddied,

bubbles, burbling

oily with greed.

ripening poison seed


some rivers are baptismal, filled by regrets and tears,

most givers take abysmal, freeing debts with spite and fear
clearing spears, replenishing lands,

with silver grains of healing sand
washing stains from so many hands

as earth diver first planned


© Jennifer Patino and Anthony Gorman (2018)

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