The drapes are open,
the veils lifted,
gaze at the New Moon,
empty vessel, the heavens
swirl with midnight, gifted

All is revealed
through reflections,
through confounding smoke,
at the stroke
of the mystical hour
when mesmerized eyes
widen at fresh sight

When a tide turns,
when the chrysanthemums,
sated by morning dew,
silently uncover
the mystery of spirals
and of the lightning strike of creation,
then there are possibilities
to begin anew

And again,
a clear sky
after the storm clouds have passed,
a lily reborn, a blessed incarnation,
a wreath on the head
of a newly crowned queen,
dawn’s chosen bride,
and an alchemical transmutation

from chaos to peace,
from you and me,
from an invisible eclipse,
new wisdom flowing from
lunar kissed lips

© Jennifer Patino (2018)

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