6 Month Book Club Schedule

Hi everyone! I hope 2018 is treating you well. I have a schedule made up for the #6MonthBookClub over on Twitter for those interested. I’ll be making a graphic of the live chat questions to share here after the chat has finished for those who aren’t on Twitter. You are more than welcome to share them on your blogs with your answers if you’d like. Or share them anywhere you feel like sharing them. 🙂 If you are on Twitter and aren’t available during the time of the live book chat, you can always tweet your responses another time. Follow @6MonthBookClub and if you’d like to help spread the word, I’d greatly appreciate it! Happy reading, everyone!





Online Book Club


I thought this soap from The Philosopher’s Guild was hilarious 😀


Are you on Twitter?

Do you love to read?

Do you love Jane Austen?


If you answered “yes” to all 3, you should follow @6MonthBookClub on Twitter. 🙂 If you’re interested in reading some of Austen’s works next year, you should follow too. 🙂 I was reading a lit mag last night & half-listening to the TV. The movie Jane Austen Book Club was on & it got me thinking that I have only read 2.5 of Austen’s books. I’ve seen every movie version of every one of her books ever made practically, however. (Probably not, but still!) I love Lost in Austenland & yes, I even love the Murder at Pemberley miniseries. So, I thought “hey, why not read Austen this next year?” Then I thought, “hey, why not see if anyone on Twitter might be interested?” So, my little idea was born. I figured I’d follow the same order as the book club in the film read them (as a nod because I love movies just as much as I love books) & also I liked the months they read them in. I live with some chronic illnesses & I’ve come to know which months I’m ‘typically more active/feeling more functional’ & February to July seemed perfect. I’m thinking the other months, (with the exception of Jan., where we’ll take off) I will host a monthly book chat just to talk about what we’re currently reading. It should be fun.

If all goes well, I will continue to do this & I’ll have followers vote on which author to do next year. There are a lot of authors who have written at least 6 books so that’s the only requirement really. 🙂

I read just as much as I write & I think it will be fun to share the love of books with others. So, hope to see you all in February! Have a great holiday & a Happy New Year! I’m sure I’ll be posting an update or a poem or something here before then though. 😀



A Little Update + #MicropoetryMonday February 20 – 26, 2017

I read “Before I Fall” this weekend & adored it!

I’ve been writing up a storm all week. I have so many stories in progress right now that I’ll never lack for something to write until they’re finished. I got over the whole “I never finish anything!” “Can’t I just finish something?!” feelings because they weren’t helping me. They were making me neglect new ideas because I had myself convinced that it would be better to finish the current work in progress first.

When I do finish short stories (even if they took a year or more to write and might need some updating during edit) it feels like I’m saying goodbye to something (or someone) running around my head because some weeks I may only add a sentence or two to one of them, or a scene that comes much later from the point where I’m writing from. Sometimes, all I see is the ending of something and then I have to go back and figure out where it all started. That’s writing though. My process has changed over the years and I just accept it and roll with it now. I’m no longer in a position to spend 8 hours in front of my keyboard like I did in the “good ole days”. Instead of being upset about it, I do what I can.

I love Twitter poetry so much. On days when I can focus on nothing else, I go to it and ideas actually stem from them for longer poems or flash fiction pieces. This past week I also worked on three longer poems for my “To Edit” pile and worked a little on my Ojibwe language studies. I also read “Before I Fall” by Lauren Oliver and wow it inspired me so much. I found myself overthinking the book probably. (That’s what I do. 🙂 ) But, isn’t that what makes a good book? When you can’t get it out of your head? I’m much more excited to see the movie when it comes out next month. (And also hoping they don’t screw it up as most fans of books that become movies do. lol)

I’ve been thinking about my Grandma a lot this past week as well. Today is her birthday and I usually try to celebrate by having a hot pretzel and a slurpee. It’s something we used to do together quite often. Many a Kmart Cafe has been frequented by my Grandmother and I. Memories of her are some of the best of my life. She passed away when I was 16 years old but this year it feels like it just happened yesterday. I miss her so much. I’m not quite sure why all of a sudden she’s on my mind again so heavily, but maybe it’s because I feel lost about a lot of things. I wonder how she’d feel about the state of our world today. I wonder how my Grandma would feel about the internet mostly. haha It’s not that it didn’t exist when she was alive, I just know my grandparents didn’t have a computer. (At least not one with internet capabilities anyway. I do recall playing Dig Dug on some contraption called a computer that took up so much space and according to my memory doesn’t even come close to what we call a computer today.)

I wonder what she and my grandpa (who did know about the internet and even got into some “old man trouble” on the internet at one point) would say about everyone being glued to their devices all the time. Wisdom of elders is something I’ll always be tuned into. Sure, not every elderly person is going to have sage advice for you. You’re not going to agree with everyone on everything. But still, lifetimes full of experiences and witnesses to history that happened before I was born will forever be an interest of mine. I like to listen to people. I like to know who they are and where they came from. And sometimes I think older people are the best to talk to. They typically don’t have a smart phone out distracting them. 😉

I’m catching up on chores today, starting a new book to read & jotting down the little verses that hit me throughout the day. I’m hoping for a good, productive week. It’s all I can hope for when I feel like garbage most days. That’s something I think I’m slowly letting go of too. There may not be any “I feel like I’m not even sick” days anymore. (I had 6 last year. This year so far: 0) It doesn’t mean I don’t look forward to one of it comes, but I’m not going to sit and wait for them anymore. I’m having much more fun working around them.

Have a great week everyone!  This “little update” turned into being a little long-winded, eh? 😀

As usual, here’s all the Micropoems from last week and a few glimpses from works in progress. Enjoy!


Assigning her a role was a mistake
Not all mothers are the same
Someone taught her to build that fence around her heart
She won’t say a name


Gather at the midnight fire
Rushing of rattles
Begin anew

Smoke spirit transcends higher
Dawn touches dying embers
Just for you


Oh, they all have a way
of making you feel
just awful
for existing
Bring on the happy ending
Get out from under that rock
Have a day


Winter winds
whip back to me
Another dose
of cold reality
It’s much
more pleasing
To feel fresh,
bitter air
Shivering sweetly,


We’ll settle
for the fire light
for rainy nights
for coffee black
for massaged back
We’ll take it
over slammed doors
over sleeping on floors


Over absorbed,
a prickly sponge

Even with
self wringing

Tossed away,
like trash
because nothing
so dirty
can be made
to clean


Blessings beat up the bad stuff
Keeping focused on the good
doesn’t make me tough
It gives me things
to grasp onto
when it all gets
too rough


Conversations w/ the Radio:
Sorry Stevie,
Thunder happened when angry footfalls pounded steps on sunny days
& the worst lightning was to come


Winged messenger
gifts me a feather
I feel it’s a calling from home

Greater Lakes, Greater Skies
The ones I’m missing are there
I fly alone


The duel of two voices
one in error
one in truth
Make light
the weight
of heavy choices
“Don’t tell me
what to do”
Both belong
to you


Spirit, quell the fire in my belly
Give me my broken heart
I can no longer feel it
Bless those who protect Mother
Forgive those who steal it


Tears of gratitude,
A moment to collect
my scattered pieces,
A breath of strength,
A moment
Just a moment
To hear wisdom
in the silence


Eyes follow
Menacing moon glints
off tin-toothed grin
Maps, scarred over
& nearly invisible
on tattooed skin
No sound as
the knife goes in


Spinning globes
in search of gold
Twisted mustache
with his razor sharp plans
Ego consumes
There will be nothing
left of him
to eat his riches


Bowie plays
in his head
like his theme song
He struts, tuts,
puts it all on his tab
The whisky, the peanuts,
open mouths on the slab


All her binds
Vicious vines
bear sacred fruit
Crawling through the dirt;
 chrysalis traveling
In secret, hanging from
the shoot


Penny candy store tour
8 blocks wasn’t far then
On roller skates
No transport? I’ll tow you on my bike
For an ice cream cone
That’s a bargain


I didn’t know prayers
were so scary that you need
weapons against them
How will you handle
the shame that haunts you? Will you
hear the women cry?


No one informs
to make you feel dumb

If you’re taken aback
be thankful
you don’t
how our tones
can be so angry

Be glad for that


“I think you should try to…”
Not tell anyone how they should handle feelings
what they should feel
how they should feel
how they shouldn’t


When there were cornfields
the ghosts of girls dashed
through rows of gold
Grown, they gaze at the barren land
They plant seeds
Stand again


Last cold snap
We cuddle under fuzzy blankets
You warm my ice cube hands
Steam from teacups rises
We make stories out of
the wispy shapes


Dainty dame
could play the game
to a point of her own making
Tiny tiger,
with angry sparrows in her roar
left the jungle shaking


can you walk through crammed
crowds              without      
    c r In G ing              at their  


Squeaking chair on the hardwood
You’ve said all you could for the day
You shuffle,
defeated dance,
to the back porch
light up a smoke
& pray


Unfortunate events indeed
Graffiti secrets
Firefly flickering
of the fluorescent faced mean girl
I’ll show her
Scrubbing furiously


Does a dimming candle think about
how far he’s truly come?
Only when he’s burnt out,
in desolate darkness,
End of the wick,


Too close
When he showed up at that party
When you ducked out the back
Hitched that ride from your best
  acquaintance & cried silently home


Head of iron lead
I awoke to the pounding
 of a tired heart
Feet on frozen floor
Mid afternoon start
Aching to sleep more
 in this
dead bed


They’re calling it
The Age of Cruelty
For me,
it’s the Age of
It Makes Total
Sense That I’ve
Lived My Whole Life
Feeling I Just
Don’t Belong


Under the Same Moon
On the old Dead End Street
Gravel embedded In My Soles
Too Many Miles
On these Same Old Feet


Dear Summer,
You can stay away.
Mirage heat. Dryness.
Boiling, blinding,
ball of flame.
Burning skin from within.
I’ll hang here in winter.


Twitching until something happens…

   the visions

                        of those minutes…

when the chain



The midnight hour
The pipes pop,
the TV stand snaps
as it settles
& I can’t sit still
The winds have calmed;
an electric energy


He tried to utter
‘I love you’
I begged
not to
   say it
Wasn’t our time

In this fairy tale
I was the villain,
The other woman


I love shining soul lights
I hope to catch a sliver of that blinding courage
to use when my flame is doused
to spark to life again


Questioning looks
from every cloudy eye
Confusion contusion
from trampling tensions
on high
The elite lie & deny
as blood rains from the sky


I saw painted bodies
pirouetting in the prism plane
Rainbow limbs wrapping around
each other
Embracing eternity
Pastel shades
in their veins


I’m safe
in my palace of pillows
when he’s away
I’m strong
perusing pages
penning pain
I’m not alone,
that birdsong
keeps me company
all day


Crushed & withered,
the first rose
from the last love
It bloomed once,
was beautiful
Now abandonment
is the heart
of this flower


into the nothing
that you are,
falling star
I won’t succumb
to your flashy
Just dull,
become a
bitter Black Hole


Her majesty, The Moon
Powerful Pearl over The Lagoon
smiles at the Free Love Frogs,
sings above The Sound
Shy Stars turn around


I saw time stop
The trees were fluttering
They stilled like the stone in my chest
You were a dream, as always
Yet I was awake


Don’t be late, love
I’ll meet you deep
beneath the sea
Under cover of kelp
no one to help
keep you from me
Follow my siren song
You’ll see


Coat closet hideout
Plethora of smells,
the cast of characters of childhood
They all blend together & I hug them,
their coats, all at once


Sage advice
from the woman in the red coat
Heels clicking down the alleyway
each step pinging off trashcans
“Never pass up a second chance”


“You wanna dance,

She’s a ticking time bomb
in plum red

she stalks the districts

I can’t get her
outta my head


I get these oceans of notions
Then doubt creeps in
& I pull my own plug
Sweep sentiments under the rug
Watch my big ideas
drain away from me


I stumble awake,
an alarm of thudding walls
Picture frames rattle
in gray lit halls
Next door blasts jazz
loud & clear
You must be new here


The future will be
mute because no one will feel
safe enough to speak

A whole ocean of
thoughts, & a lone oar trying
to settle the waves


Taste of blackberries,
first of the season. They melt
right into the tongue.


I’m not a pond. You
can’t fish words out of my mouth.
I’ll not be reeled in.


This road is too long.
I am turning corners with
both hands on the wheel.

Stop, look both ways &
proceed with caution.  I won’t
forget what you said.


Sometimes I think I
wouldn’t be here if it weren’t
for the poetry


I twiddle & wait
so patiently until the
poem comes to me

VSS (Very Short Stories): 


His lyrical speech dazzled the
crowds, renewing their dwindling faith.



The seas were churning before
ships appeared on the horizon.

Courtesy of Tragic Beautiful
“Peeling Away”
Her filthy hair covered her wild eyes from me. I could only hear her odd grunting as she peeled away her fingernails one by one.


So clever, their reiterated insults,
we’ve heard them all before.

Grandma took me to see the Disney Pocahontas as a kid. She fell asleep about 15 min in. After a few years, I understood why.

“I’m so sad about…”
“But it’s just a poem.”
“Yeah, but, so sad, so deep, so…I’m sorry that happened.”
“It didn’t, it’s a poem.”



I only need a song’s
length to tell a story.

WIP (Works in Progress): 

–The hotel sprung into view. It loomed over the lake like Raquelle’s aunt had loomed over us girls when we giggled loudly at tea.
–“A cone?!” Raquelle screeched at me over her dish as if cones were a mortal sin. “Do you want to be a whale by summer’s end?!”
–The scenes play out like a bad high school play. Barely legible lines scribbled on index cards. He’s not even talking to her when he speaks.

Author Interview- Rachel S. Rose, Author of Fiction & Non-Fiction for Empowered Women

Are you a fan of romance? Do you like books with strong female characters? 

Check out “Closed Off to You” by Rachel S. Rose, the first book in a new trilogy! 

Rachel aims to empower women with her romance/erotica fiction books and also has some non-fiction books on feminine sexuality coming soon!

Meet Rachel:

PrettyKoolDame: Hi, Rachel Rose! Nice to meet you! Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Rachel S. Rose: Thanks for having me! I’m an English writer that lives near London. Which means I’m a lover of tea and biscuits. Do you have any? 😉 I’m a tattooed thirty year old (although not for long – the age, not the tattoos) that likes to drown in stories I create instead of real life. 

PKD: *laughs* You can have all the tea & biscuits you like, sure! What can readers expect from your books?
RR: My books are about women empowering themselves sexually. I’m writing an erotic romance trilogy about a woman called Melissa who we follow through her journey of self discovery and love. I will then release a few non fiction books to help other women follow in Melissa’s footsteps of embracing their feminine sexuality. 

PKD: Do you have any favorite “ships”?  Which do you feel is your “strangest ship”?

RR: I must admit that I didn’t know what ‘shipping’ was. I had to think about this for a moment. But, I think my favourite ship would be Jamie and Clare from Outlander. And the strangest is Sansa Stark and Ramsey [Game of Thrones]...I would have liked to see her change him for the better.

PKD: Who are your romance writing influences? Do you have any favorite romance authors you enjoy reading?

RR: I love reading Gena Showalter and J R Ward for my fantasy romance fixes. For contemporary, which is what my books are, I love Diana Gabaldon and Adele Parks. These are just a few. I love a lot of indie books too!

PKD: What are your future plans? Where will Rachel S. Rose be in five years?

RR: My future plans are to dominate the bestseller lists (I can dream!) by entertaining women with healthy erotic romance and offering a way to help them embrace who they are and their feminine sexuality. I like to go with the flow. See where the universe takes me.
Buy on Amazon: Closed Off To You
Rachel’s Website:  www.rachelsrose.com
Twitter: @RachelSRose1

My Love For the "Side Character"

I’m a fangirl. I have been since childhood, I’m sure. The advancement of the internet over the years has definitely shaped and changed my fangirling ways time and time again. There is way too much to get into with fandom and the possibilities of how you fangirl (or fanboy) are pretty endless. Maybe sometimes I like to moderately cosplay (I don’t have the skill or energy to REALLY cosplay like so many fans do and I love and applaud their efforts because I believe it takes talent to be a good cosplayer. And it takes effort to actually make your costume, do your makeup exactly right, etc.) Sometimes I even (gasp?) RP. I read more fanfiction than write it but that doesn’t mean I haven’t dabbled in the craft. Mostly I just delve into storylines and characters because yes, I’m well aware it’s all fiction, but I want to know who I’m watching/reading about. I want to really know who they are and why the writers wrote them how they did. What is the meaning behind certain things they say? What does that expression mean?

Photo courtesy of Fanpop.com

Books help us get a clearer picture of course. The author allows us into the characters’ heads. He or she allows us to possibly be ahead of our favorite’s next move because we may know something they don’t know or something that side characters may not know about them. It’s incredible really. And I form relationships with these fictional characters. They become my friends. They make me care about them. They make me want to know how they are doing. It’s all pretty magical.

When it comes to choosing a favorite character in a book, movie or TV show, I always gravitate toward the side characters. Alice and Jasper in Twilight, Alec and Isabelle from The Mortal Instruments and currently Eliot Waugh from The Magicians (I haven’t read it yet but it will be arriving at my library soon so I can really get into Lev Grossman’s world because I watched the Syfy show’s first two episodes and I am so hooked!). Now, yes, they’re side characters typically. They’re either there to add some wit, there to help the main character learn something important (Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter) and sometimes they’re the villain. But side characters do something else too. They support our heroes and heroines mostly. They are who the main characters often lean on during troubled times. So, let’s start over. I love supporting characters because that’s what I’m going to call them from now on.

I think the reason why I have such love for supporting characters is because my whole life I really wasn’t interested in being the main event of anything. A lot of people said I wanted to be, but I didn’t really. I have always been pretty happy and proud of my own minor accomplishments and especially in how I am able to help others sometimes. I don’t know how I help a lot of the time but people say I do and I’m good with that. Helping to ease others makes me happy. It always has.

I’m totally happy with being a supporting character in others’ stories of their life. I have friends who compare me to the “manic pixie girl” characters in films and at first I was like “What?” but I get what they mean now. (Even if there are a handful of “manic pixie girl” type characters that I find annoying. No one can spend too much time with themselves, right?) This doesn’t make me feel like I’m less than Katniss Everdeen or anything. Like I’m not as strong or heroic or whatever. It helps me to be even more happy that I can be the Prim to someone’s Katniss. That’s just who I am.

Photo courtesy of jabberjays.net

So, this blog will be showing a lot of supporting character love. My current healthy obsession (because there is a difference) is Eliot from The Magicians. Have I mentioned The Magicians and how amazing it is? Have I?) I know there is so much more to him and reading and watching more will help me get a better picture in my mind of who my new literary bestie and role model is. (They change all the time too so…yeah…deal with it. 🙂 )

Photo Courtesy of syfy.com

I’m really excited about this new blog space for me to just be me in. I hope you enjoy my writing and want to stick around and read more. There will be all kinds of creative things happening here.

Until next time, stay true to you. That’s the only person you ever really have to be concerned about making happy, honestly. ❤