Published Works


Here are some places my writing has found a home:


Flash Fiction – “The Beast” – Garden Gnome Publications

Poetry – “Impatience”, “Deception”, & “I Know My Tribe is Peaceful” – FONT Magazine

Poem of Merit for the Helen Stewart Poetry Award – “Bio-Me” – Helen Lit Mag

Poetry – “Watchdogs”, “Tlazoltetol”, & “Black & White Movie Lullaby” – Echoic Magazine Issue 5

Poem – “Long Run” – Echoic Magazine Issue 6 (Link Opens to Automatic PDF Download)

Poem – “Jamie Lee Curtis” – The Ginger Collect Issue 2

Poem – “Sponge” – Door=Jar Issue 5

Poem – “The Nostalgia Tapes #1: Joyride” – L’ÉPHÉMÈRE REVIEW Issue 6: Halcyon

Prose – “Madwewechige – She Plays Music” – Half x Mystic Journal Issue V: Cadenza”

Flash Fiction – “The Night the Wind Knocked Back” – The Ginger Collect Issue 6


I am also a contributing editor of  The Literati Mafia.  Please visit & read the works of so many talented writers!


Other Fun Features:


My poem, “Equinox” read on Native America Calling

Author Interview – The Ginger Collect Issue 6