Poetry – “Struck”





Struck // by Jennifer Patino


Starstruck.      This pastel display

you’ve painted.    The sky.    Your eyelids.

Your scarves and skirts.      You only

penciled me in.    Once.      I had to

run into you,      a splash of water

in your landscape.      A speck in your space.

Your carved-right-out-of-citrine face.

Cracks a smile.      Cracks my andesine heart.

Dumbstruck.      My greeting is an ash grey

storm cloud swirling around you.      You

shake me off as soot, then fade away.



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Poetry – “After I Dreamt of the Wolf”




After I Dreamt of the Wolf // by Jennifer Patino


hide in plain sight
& lure me
into a psychedelic pasture

no chaser helps the fuzzy cotton
go down a caked pipe,
but a droplet of mystical rain water

collected by an awakened shepherd
will dry me right out



This writer is a member of The Literati Mafia.