Happy Mother’s Day — 2 Poems


20170623_065439 (1)My Grandmother & I @ The Detroit Zoo circa 1983



My Mother // by Jennifer Patino


My mother,

she taught me love of virtue
& not of wealth,

how to be strong
even in ill health,
& most importantly,
how to mother myself


~~ * * ~~


Nookomis // by Jennifer Patino


I’m sifting through ashes early;
July is on the horizon and I
will miss you again
I can’t blame death
when you taught me
that it doesn’t really exist
I see your spirit too
every time I dare to glance
at my aging eyes
I notice your hair
is growing underneath mine
like crimped crow feathers
I hear your voice
when I speak on things
the Creator whispers to me
Nookomis, can you see me?
I’m here still, hanging on,
alive and dreaming


I can’t seem to find any photos of my mother & I. 😦 I think they’re on another drive. Anyways, I wanted to share a couple older poems in honor of Mother’s Day. I spoke to my mom on the phone today & I hope she always knows I love her even though we’re far away from each other. I miss my Grandmother every single day even though she passed years ago. I’m feeling sentimental today. I just miss too many people.